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Accountants Performance Groups

If you’re looking to grow your practice, or want to be sure it’s on the right track, you need to attend the Accountants Performance Groups.

These groups form an important step in developing the skills of those who want to grow and build their practices.


They provide a forum where members develop strong practice management skills. They also serve as a sounding board for members regarding issues that arise in their practice.

Accountants Performance Groups will help you:

  • Build and develop your practice
  • Improve your financial performance
  • Develop your business disciplines, and hold you to account
  • Review your progress
  • Identify opportunities to improve,  and prompt you to take action

The Groups are led by Peter Knight,  who freely shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, which includes:

  • Co-founder of national accounting firm Hayes Knight
  • Former President of CPA Australia (NSW)
  • Lead Author CPA Practice Management Manual
  • National Marketing Director – PKF
  • Co-founder Franchise Accountants Network, and Smart Franchise

The Groups form an important step in developing the skills of those who want to grow and build their practices.

Top 5 Reasons to attend

These groups will be of interest to you if you want to:

  1. Gain new clients and build your practice
  2. Develop a great team where people want to work
  3. Learn the business advisory and consulting skills that clients really want, in addition to their tax and compliance
  4. Learn the skills of ‘professional selling’ and how to increase your conversion rate
  5. Increase your profit and improve your cashflow

These sessions are principally focused on practice development and are not tax or technical discussion groups.

We meet on a quarterly basis. Each session goes for 2.5 hours, starting at 8.30 am and finishing by 11.00. That way you still have plenty of time to head back to your office and get your billable hours up..!

To get the most out of the group, you’ll be expected to complete your ‘homework’ between meetings and come fully prepared each time.

The meetings have a structured format and we follow a standing agenda. Handouts and resources will be provided.


Membership fees are $245 (+gst) per meeting*, with a commitment required for 12 months.

** Special offer for CPA Public Practice Residential attendees**

We offer a special price for CPA Public Practice Residential attendees, of $180 (+gst) per meeting, with a commitment required for 12 months.

We’d love to have you join us!

Email Peter Knight to register:


Make sure you register in time for our meetings. They’re held each quarter, February, May, July and November, so make sure you don’t miss out.!

The next Accountants Performance Groups will take place in February, 2016

  • Cost is $180 + gst

I’m really looking forward to having you as part of the group, they’re just what you need to give your practice a lift..!.


Practice Coaching

Practice Coaching is where we work with you to develop your practice and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It is a straightforward process and follows a proven structure:

  • Meet together to complete the practice Business Plan
  • Identify and set the key business goals for the practice
  • Set the billings target for the coming year
  • Break this target into monthly billings targets
  • Identify the factors which will impact you reaching those targets
  • Set the road map to achieve these goals
  • Regular catch up sessions to hold you accountable and on track

Costs: $180 + gst per session. Sessions typically run for longer than an hour initially, then less than 1 hour once we establish our routine


Further detail re Accountants Performance Groups

The Accountants Performance Groups form an important step in developing the skills of those who want to grow and develop their practices.

Benchmarking forms a natural part of these meetings. We track both financial and non financial measures.

The Groups also give you the chance to meet with like-minded practitioners who are all facing, or have faced similar issues. This means you’re not on your own and you can learn and grow together.

You will:

  • Learn strong business principles
  • Be held to account for the actions you commit to
  • Have the opportunity to compare yourself with other firms, share knowledge and build your professional network with new relationships and referrals.

These essential business skills will not only help you develop professionally but will transform the way you deal with clients.



We cover the 3 Core Areas of practice management and ensure each member gets relevant and practical tips and ideas they can use in their practice.

After a few meetings, you will find these groups start to become like a ‘board of directors’ for each practice. They also give everyone the chance to build relationships and enhance their professional network. This means you won’t feel like you’re out there on your own.

We also run base level benchmarking so each firm can compare how they’re performing, even while they’re building their practice.

As one practitioner said to me, “I know I need to be accountable. But now I’m on my own I don’t have anyone to hold me to account!” That’s exactly why the Accountants Performance Groups are so important!

We also encourage full and frank discussion. They are an important part of being involved. And we work by the maxim, “What’s said in the group stays in the group!”

The Accountants Performance Groups allow members to take the time to reflect, learn from peers and experts and update their business skills.

And we have found that meeting on a regular basis is critical to help you achieving goals. That’s because of accountability!

These structured group meetings are different from a general ‘get together’. They are effective because:

  • They are skillfully facilitated
  • The content is relevant and practical
  • Members have a commitment to ongoing business and personal improvement.

The Accountants Performance Groups are comprised of motivated practitioners, who are prepared to invest their time and money in their business and personal development. They are happy to share information and their expertise with others.

The structure of Performance Group meetings

The meetings follow a structured approach and we use a standing agenda. Any adjustments are based on group needs. Typically the meetings follow this general approach:

  1. Updates from each member regarding their performance and actions committed to at the previous meeting
    1. Discussion of any issues arising
  2. Report key performance metrics and business update (information to be supplied prior to the meeting)
  3. Progress against Business Plan – presentation by members
  4. Facilitated discussion on pre-determined topic
  5. Discussion of business issues for individual members
  6. Goals and Action Plan
  7. Update action plans

We look forward to having join one of our groups!

Email to register:


Professional Selling Workshops

Selling your professional services requires specific skills and takes more than just being active on social media or having a good website.

Because professional services tend to involve longer term relationships, the sales process needs to reflect this.

Our workshop covers the essentials of the “consultative sales approach” which best suits professional selling situations.

If you are looking to develop your professional selling skills then register for our workshops in Sydney or Melbourne.

Contact Peter Knight for details:


Leadership and Management Workshops

Too often people are promoted to management or leadership roles without having the necessary skills they need. They may have been promoted because of their technical skills, or work ethic but are lacking in the fundamental skills of leadership, management and delegation.

Our leadership workshops cover the essential skills required for the high pressure roles of leadership. They work on the existing skills of each participant and develop these into the skills required for leadership roles.

Contact Peter Knight for details: